Thank you very much for everything that you did to make it such a magnificent night for New Yorkers For Children!  You helped to make our program flawless and connected. Our youth speakers were beyond wonderful… so well prepared, so poised and they made a huge impact. They made every person in the audience feel connected to them. It was fabulous.”

Right Tree specializes in forging emotional bonds between causes and key target audiences. We contextualize complex issues and develop umbrella themes that attract attention and improve message delivery. We know how to assess and lift barriers, raise awareness, connect with diverse populations, foster collaboration, and leverage organizational assets.

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We’ve heard great feedback from friends and donors about the clarity of our message. Also, the big reveal of our new logo at the gala was a hit! So much of what you continue to teach us about the power of owning our brand essence has really inspired every aspect of our work at Welfare Rights Initiative. Communication is at the heart of being able to further our mission. We get it, and it feels so good to be able to replicate our revamped messaging for different audiences. The love you put into every session with us is a gift, and we are deeply grateful for you.”

No matter who the target audience may be, the effectiveness of any appeal hinges on the ability to answer "YES" to these critical questions:

• Is it current, relevant, and compelling?

​• Does it generate interest, promote understanding, or inspire compassion?

• Are the strengths, rewards, and benefits in the spotlight?

• Will people be motivated to learn more or get involved?  
Position For Success.

Thoughtful analysis and preparation are the keys to crafting more effective communication plans. Too often, organizations attempt to shortcut this vital step and jump directly into creative execution. In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s not enough to have a flashy website, a polished brochure or even a growing Twitter following. To make the most of marketing investments, you must first properly position and package your story so it makes a compelling case for support.

As such, Right Tree begins the planning process with a detailed situation analysis to understand your organization's:




We explore these areas through research, document review, planning retreats, and interactive discussions with your executive leadership team, board members, and other key stakeholders.