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"​Right Tree has supported the Fostering Youth Success Alliance on several branding, communications, and strategic planning projects and has executed each project with a high level of excellence and integrity. Our team truly appreciated Maria’s thoughtfulness in developing an action plan that was responsive to our needs and was adaptable when necessary. She excels in facilitating sensitive conversations and helping to ensure that all people involved in the process feels engaged and represented. Maria has a clear talent in communications and has supported the development of advocacy campaigns, messaging platforms, and worked to ensure that our values, facts and recommendations were articulated clearly. Her work on these projects helped to ensure that we were successful in advocacy campaigns and achieved our goals. The level of detail and individualization provided for our strategic planning process was highly appreciated. Each time we’ve worked with her, Maria has managed to foster positive and thoughtful discussions for our diverse group of statewide stakeholders without losing sight of our clear objections."

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"Maria displayed an incredible ability to learn about our organization, field, and the challenges we have been facing in a very short time. She then transformed that into constructive engagement on branding and marketing, creating helpful tools and exercises for us. She is patient, flexible and understanding and is truly an expert on all things related to strategic planning and communications. I look forward to working with her again."

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