Each May, National Foster Care Month focuses attention on the year-round needs of the half million American children in foster care. The campaign raises awareness about the issue and encourages more citizens to get involved in the lives of these youth -- whether as their foster parents, mentors, employers, or in other meaningful ways. Seattle-based Casey Family Programs retained Right Tree to enhance and manage a full-scale, national campaign in collaboration with 17 leading child welfare organizations. 

Campaign Results:

53% increase in secured impressions over a 3-year consulting period (232 million for 2008 campaign).

• 2008 campaign captured 1,000+ earned media placements, including 100 features in national, regional,  
  and local press outlets (260% increase from prior year under a previous firm's management).

• Website traffic spiked after redesign (Page Views up 26%; Site Visits up 108%; Unique Visitors up 69%).

• Partners and community-based organizations nationwide distributed 240,000+ collateral pieces promoting
  local activities and a unified, call-to-action message.

Scope of Services:

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Branding and Core Messaging
  • Events and Promotional Activities
  • PR and Media Management
  • Website Design and Content Development

Client Feedback:

“Maria and her team contributed considerable expertise, energy, and creativity to the National Foster Care Month campaign. Her ability to assess and leverage the strengths of 17 participating partners translated into a fully integrated operational plan that exceeded our expectations.  Right Tree crafted and strategically positioned our core messages so they would reach desired target audiences and inspire public involvement on behalf of the children we serve. Their collaborative, responsive style was just what our group needed. Most importantly, the firm was there every step of the way to guide,  focus, and organize our efforts for maximum results. I heartily  recommend their professional services to others in need of assistance with marketing communications and project management. Not only will you be pleased by the results, but your organization will benefit from Right Tree's tools, strategies and systems that help build capacity thereby enhancing future projects, as well.”

Campaigns for a Cause.

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In collaboration with our affiliated graphic artists, Right Tree redesigned the National Foster Care Month brand by creating a new logo, design palette, and tagline. We refined core messaging to improve comprehension and create a stronger consumer connection to the foster care issue. Our messaging strategy also helped media and other audiences understand complex research findings, policy proposals, and emerging trends in child welfare.

We worked with Casey's internal IT team to build a user-friendly website that showcased the new brand. We integrated URL promotion into all campaign elements including: posters, pro-bono advertisements, special events, partner activities, and media outreach. This drove people to the website in record numbers. Our creative concept promoted the positive possibilities for children in foster care when caring people come forward to make a difference in their lives. This strategic execution shifted focus away from the negative images and stereotypes often perpetuated in the media.

In select urban markets, we also targeted faith-based groups to participate in the campaign. Clergy leaders served as campaign spokespeople for a Gospel Radio Tour and recorded public service announcements, which accounted for 16.4 million secured impressions.

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